Monday, November 26, 2007

Today is a Gift

Shannon and I had dinner on Saturday with a couple we met recently at a worship gathering for The Well. They’re a super couple and we had a great time with them. During dinner, they talked about how they feel God leading them to some new type of ministry. They are dissatisfied with their jobs and with the present state of the church and are looking forward to the full revelation of God’s plan for them. I confessed that I could relate to their inner turmoil and that I genuinely identify with their feeling of being “lost in the wilderness.”

I was reflecting on this conversation yesterday and it occurred to me (or perhaps God reminded me) that I’ve spent a great amount of time throughout my life feeling dissatisfied; looking toward the future with this sense that “when I get there, things will be better.” But this isn’t how life should be for a Christ follower, is it? Jesus told people not to worry about tomorrow. Trust that what God has for you today is sufficient; it’s satisfying. And so I drafted a short email to my new friend and offered this word of encouragement:

“I pray that God will continue to reveal His plan to you both, although I believe that you are already in the thick of it. If I am learning anything through the ups and downs of planting this church it's this: there's never a final destination. If you live your life thinking that you'll arrive someday, you'll end up living a life of disappointment. Today is the gift. Today, when it is lived in complete obedience to God, is the destination. Savor it. Celebrate it.”

This is a lesson I am continuing to learn and one that I hope we’ll all learn sooner rather than later. The joy and celebration that are supposed to characterize us as followers of Christ depends on us finding contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment from the presence and provision of God today. So, be aware of God’s presence, celebrate it, and be a blessing to somebody today!


emerge said...

God has had to deal with this attitude in me for a long time. It wasn't until recently that a friend of mind pointed this out in me. I have always looked for the next best thing. The grass always looks greener somewhere other then where you are. I realize now that God has me here now and, I hope, he's using me for his purpose and glory! It's so hard to keep my mind focused on what I am doing now.. no matter how glamorous it seems or how much grief people can inadvertantly cause! Still, God is good!

Haffner Home said...

I just mentioned to our guest teacher at The Well this weekend that we (I) am learning to be comfortable with the idea that life as Jesus taught/lived it should never be comfortable. I think part of this plays a role in our next-best-thing sense of needing to arrive and then (fill in the blank). Good thoughts. [Ah]