Monday, June 23, 2008

Is Missional the New Emergent?

I just read an excellent article by Alan Hirsch (author of The Shaping of Things to Come; The Forgotten Ways). I thought he did an excellent job of articulating the difference between a missional church and an emerging / emergent church. I, for one, am glad he's helping to delineate between the two. It would be easy for people to make inferences about The Well (or any other missional church) because they assume we're an emerging church. And while I don't have anything against the emergent movement, there are definitely things about it that are controversial--and in ways that I (and The Well) don't wish to be controversial.

Anyway, click here to go to his site and read Hirsch's brief article. Enjoy!


Haffner Home said...

In a recent conversation with my Ostrich brother, we discussed the unfortunate nature of any of these types of conversations. Why? #1 They're only relevant for the "church" folk. Any unchurched postmodern (or likely any moderns) doesn't really give a rip. #2 The Church is supposed to be missional by design. Her very nature is her sentness. [Ah]

Brad and Tab said...

Thanks for that, Ryan. I think the clarification is greatly needed.

I have to say...this is my favorite part of the blog/article (blogicle?)...

"We must go into the world to reach people, but we ought to stay and abide in order to communicate the Gospel relationally and meaningfully in any given context. Mission always sets our Agenda and Incarnation must always describe our Way."

I think it may be a lack of understanding in the latter that makes some slightly weary of "Missional". So many labels and such little understanding.

Anyway, thanks!


Brad and Tab said...

one more thing...just saw that you are reading Henri Nouwen! Have you read him before? The Return of the Prodigal Son was life changing. What an honest soul!

ok...that is all.


Ryan S. Poe said...

Tab...great to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed the article. I don't think many people will see it, but I wish more would. I think a lot of people avoid our church, and other missional churches, because of the controversy of emergent. Perhaps I should consider finding a way to incorporate the article (or a link to it) from our church's website? Hmm. Anyway, no, this is my first full book by Nouwen, although I'm familiar with him and his influence. Loved the book. I intend to blog about it in the coming days. Give my best to Brad! Love you guys! Ryan